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Homework #1 for the Cambridge First course. This part is focused on reading.


2. Which completes a fixed phrase with ‘as’?

4. Only one of these goes with ‘speed’.

6. Which adverb can go with ‘increased’?

8. Which three-part verb means ‘think of’?


If you’re not sure of an answer, cross out any you know are wrong and choose from those remaining.

Dear students, before your next lesson, please read the text and for questions 1 - 8, decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. Here is an example:

0. A well B much C lots D far

Answer: A


Creative English Teacher

Space Junk

The Space Age began (0) …………. over half a century ago, and ever since then the area just (1) …………. the Earth’s atmosphere has been filling up with all kinds of man-made objects that have become (2) …………. as ‘space junk’. The items up there (3) …………. from old satellites and parts of rockets to hundreds of thousands of pieces smaller than one centimetre, all of them travelling at extremely (4) …………. speed. Over the last five years, the number of such objects in space is (5) …………. to have risen by 50 per cent, and this has (6) …………. increased the risk of damage to working satellites or space vehicles with crews on board.

International agreement has therefore now been (7) …………. on limiting the amount of new space junk. Scientists have also (8) …………. some interesting suggestions for tidying up space. These include using laser beams, giant nets and even an enormous umbrella-like device to collect tiny bits of junk.

A  along

A  referred

A  include


A  assessed

A  largely

A  arrived

caught up with

B away

B known

B enclose

B rapid

B supposed

B greatly

B reached

B put up with

C out

C called

C cover

C light

C estimated

C importantly

C finished

C come up with

D far

D named

D range

D fast

D regarded

D absolutely

D closed

D kept up with



Listening forces automatic learning and leads to general language acquisition.


Writing ideas down preserves them so that you can reflect upon them later.


Reading is the best way to learn and remember the proper spelling of words.


Speaking provides the ability to engage others in social circles

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