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Homework #10 for the Cambridge FIRST course. This part is focused on writing.

Dear students, you have received this email from your English-speaking friend Jamie.

Is Jamie's message written in a formal or an informal style?
What does he tell you about his sister and her friends?
What four things does he ask you?

Write your email in 140-190 words. Remember to check your work for mistakes when you finish.


Creative English Teacher

Email Message from Jamie

From: Jamie
Subject: day trips

My sister and her friends are planning to spend next week in your area, and during their stay they would like to travel around a little.

Could you suggest somewhere interesting they could go for a day trip? What would be the best means of transport from your town? What time should they set off in the morning and when should they begin the return journey?

Thanks, Jamie

Action Plan:

  1. Read the instructions and any text that is included in the question.
  2. Who do you have to write to? Why? Which points must you include? Decide whether to use formal or informal language.
  3. Think about the topic and your reader, and note down ideas. How many paragraphs will you need?
  4. Make a plan and put your best ideas under short paragraph headings. Do they cover all the points in the question?
  5. Note down some words or phrases for each paragraph, including expressions, but don’t try to write a complete draft.
  6. Write your text. Keep to the topic and to your plan.
  7. Use a wide range of vocabulary and grammar.
  8. Check your completed text. Have you made any careless mistakes? Is it at least 140 words? If not, you will lose marks.


  • Use your own words instead of expressions taken from the question, e.g. if it says What’s your opinion?, write my own feeling is … or I’d day ….
  • You may lose marks if you use the same expression all the time, e.g. instead of repeating I want to, say I’d like to, what I’d enjoy is or it’d be good to ….

Listening forces automatic learning and leads to general language acquisition.


Writing ideas down preserves them so that you can reflect upon them later.


Reading is the best way to learn and remember the proper spelling of words.


Speaking provides the ability to engage others in social circles

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