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Homework #3 for the Cambridge FIRST course. This part is focused on Listening.

Dear students, you will hear people talking in eight different situations. For question 1 - 8, choose the best answer (A, B or C).

Action Plan:

1. Look at the direct question and stem (e.g. Who is the woman?) and underline the key words.
2. When you first hear the recording, try to think of an answer to each question in your own words. Then choose (from A, B or C) the option most like your answer.
3. If you're still not sure which is the correct answer, cross out any you are sure are wrong and guess.
4. When the recording has finished and you have chosen your answer, forget about that question and concentrate on the next one.


Creative English Teacher


1. Be careful with the assistant’s suggestions. The customer rejects two of these.

3. Listen for an activity similar to one of those in A – C.

5. Remember that the question is about the present.

7. Base your answer on what happened this time, not on a previous occasion.


Before you listen, think of other expressions for the words in the question, e.g. ‘What does he do?’ he works in …, his job is …, he’s employed as …, etc.

Make sure you always know which question and situation you are listening to.

1. You hear a customer talking to a shop assistant about a coat she bought. What does she want?

  1. a different kind of item
  2. the same item but in a different size
  3. her money back

2. You hear a weather forecast on the radio. Tomorrow, the weather in the east of the country will be

  1. stormy in the morning.
  2. sunny in the afternoon.
  3. foggy in the evening.

3. You hear an office worker talking about cycling to work. What does she enjoy most about it?

  1. getting some exercises each morning
  2. avoiding the traffic into town
  3. thinking about the day ahead

4. You hear a radio announcer talking about a competition for writers or short stories. The man says that one of the rules is that

  1. you have to be over sixteen to enter.
  2. you can submit more than one entry.
  3. thinking about the day ahead.

5. You hear a conversation about reading. The man enjoys reading books which

  1. have characters that remind him of people he knows.
  2. describe situations that he finds highly amusing.
  3. are set in places that he is unlikely ever to visit.

6. You hear two people talking about watching films on the Internet. What do they agree about?

  1. the advantages of buying films online
  2. B) the usefulness of reading film interviews
  3. the pleasure of watching films at home

7. You hear a woman at an airport talking on the phone. Why did she miss her flight?

  1. She was held up by traffic.
  2. There was a long queue at check-in.
  3. She went to the wrong terminal.

8. You hear a man talking about his new job. What attracted him to this job?

  1. the type of work
  2. the opportunities for promotion
  3. the salary offered

Listening forces automatic learning and leads to general language acquisition.


Writing ideas down preserves them so that you can reflect upon them later.


Reading is the best way to learn and remember the proper spelling of words.


Speaking provides the ability to engage others in social circles

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