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Homework #23 for the Cambridge PET course. This part is focused on reading.

Dear students, the people below are all looking for a park to visit that has lots of different attractions. Further down there are reviews of eight parks.

Decide which park would be the most suitable for the following people to go to.

For questions 1 - 5, mark the correct letter A-H in the space below.


Creative English Teacher


1 There are four texts that mention water. Look carefully at these.
2 Two texts mention the sea – which words are connected with sea? (e.g. coast, beach)
3 What other words are connected with cycling? Two texts mention these.
4 Four texts mention animal parks – can you find them? Which one also mentions talent shows and good lunches?
5 Which parks show films?

1. Fran and her family love rides involving water. They want somewhere that offers family tickets with reductions for a two-day visit. As they’re coming by public transport, they want ta park near a railway station.

2. Rick wants a park by the sea, so that he can swim afterwards. He’d like somewhere that doesn’t have big queues for rides, and where he can try driving model vehicles.

3. Maria likes going on big rides where she can have her photo taken during the ride. She also loves cycling in places away from traffic.

4. Jaime likes watching talent shows and also going to animal parks. His family want to find somewhere where they can all eat a good meal together at lunchtime.

5. Sophia loves watching science fiction films. She’d also like somewhere with other indoor attractions in case of bad weather. She loves buying presents for her friends.

Reviews of 8 parks

A - Castle Towers

For cycling fans this is the perfect place – follow the track right through the animal park, past the enormous train ride and back to the free swings and slides. There are also opportunities to perform in the daily talent shows – you could end up a TV star! The railway station is a short walk from the park.

B - Ranthorpe

There’s plenty to do outdoors here in the animal park. There’s also the biggest cinema in the area, with a great collection of movies about space travel in the future, a huge skating rink and an indoor driving track for model cars – have your photo taken driving one! The shops have fantastic souvenirs, and the restaurants serve delicious food.

C - Minton Park

Try the Splash Ride on the lake here – perfect for people who enjoy getting wet! If you’re with brothers and sisters, get a special discount – you can visit the park again the following day for free! The park is in a very convenient location for people arriving by train.

D - Dansmere

Visit the movie theatre and special effects display here if you’re keen on science fiction films. The park is huge, so adults can also drive their cars round past the fields of animals and park near the roundabouts. There’s a model train to transport people without cars around the park.

E - Wickton Manor

This small park is the best place for avoiding crowds. Located on the coast, it’s perfect for water sports. The big attractions are the cinema and the car races – whatever your age, have a go in the special small cars around the outdoor track. Wickton is some distance from the station, so it’s better to come by car.

F - Flamberton

Huge rides are the speciality here – try the fast train or the enormous water slide! And there are cameras along the way to take your picture! Then take a bike and ride along the leafy paths that go around the park – no cars allowed! One-day sing and family tickets are available.

G - Pensmere

The park is right on the beach and offers fantastic water sports, including high-speed rides in boats across the waves. The restaurants are famous for the quality of their food. However, the park does get busy, so you’ll need patience when waiting for rides. Visitors coming by rail will need to take a long taxi ride from the station.

H - Parkers Island

If you like watching ordinary people singing and dancing, you’ll love the daily performances in the small theatre here. There’s also a zoo with rabbits, birds and deer which you can help to feed! Also, the souvenir shops are really good here. And when you’re hungry, the fantastic restaurants are open all day – and there are no queues anywhere!


Listening forces automatic learning and leads to general language acquisition.


Writing ideas down preserves them so that you can reflect upon them later.


Reading is the best way to learn and remember the proper spelling of words.


Speaking provides the ability to engage others in social circles

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