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Homework #28 for the Cambridge PET course. This part is focused on listening.

Dear students, you will hear a part of an interview with a girl called Elena, a young film-maker who wrote, directed and starred in her own film. For each question, choose the correct answer, A, B or C.


Creative English Teacher

1. What does Elena say about the character she played in her film?

  1. She has a very similar personality to Elena’s.
  2. She worries too much about people.
  3. She is easily hurt by other people’s actio

2. What message does Elena want her film to communicate?

  1. Value your background.
  2. Believe in your own abilities.
  3. Be realistic about the choices you make.

3. While filming the atmosphere was

  1. difficult because it was hard to get people to work.
  2. sad because of the subject matter of the film.
  3. close because the difficulty of the work brought them together.

4. What does Elena say about filming?

  1. The days tended to start and end at the same time.
  2. They had to work every day of the week to get the film finished.
  3. She filmed a similar number of scenes each day.

5. What did Elena find most challenging about making the film?

  1. controlling large groups of actors when filming
  2. telling people what she wanted them to do
  3. having so many different jobs to do herself

6. How does Elena feel about being known as a ‘teen’ film-maker?

  1. proud to be one of the few young film-makers working today
  2. annoyed that people concentrate on her age more than her work
  3. worried that she will always be thought of as a ‘teen’ film-maker


Listening forces automatic learning and leads to general language acquisition.


Writing ideas down preserves them so that you can reflect upon them later.


Reading is the best way to learn and remember the proper spelling of words.


Speaking provides the ability to engage others in social circles

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