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Homework #3 for the Cambridge PET course. This part is focused on reading.

The people below all want to find a place to go for a skiing holiday. Below there are reviews of 3 ski centres. Decide which centre would be the most suitable for the following people to go to.

Example response: 1. A


Creative English Teacher


6 Which two centres offer individual lessons at a reasonable price? Which one of these offers a cinema? What’s another word for peaceful? Andy why is D no good for Maria?

7 Which centres offer other sports? Dan and his family don’t want somewhere crowded or to wait for ski lifts – so why are B and H no good?

1. Maria’s an intermediate-level skier who wants individual lessons, at a reasonable price, to get to advanced level. Maria and her family want somewhere peaceful, with a cinema to go to in the evenings.

2. Dan and his family want somewhere that’s not crowded, so they don’t spend time waiting for ski lifts. Dan’s a beginner and wants classes with other teenagers. He’d like to do other sports, too.

3. Jane and her brother want to improve their advanced skiing techniques, and have classes in other snow sports. Jane loves animals, and she’d like to see some during her holiday.

4. Karl’s family are good skiers, and want somewhere with a guide to take them off skiing through the mountains. Karl wants to stay somewhere with great food, where he can also swim.

5. Tadeusz and his 12-year-old brother are beginners. They want to travel to the ski slopes together without their parents, and ski in the same class. They’d like a lively ski centre near a town.

Eight Ski Centers

A - Eadensberg

This centre’s good for skiers of all abilities, with reasonably-priced lessons for individuals wishing to improve quickly. Be prepared to wait at the lifts, though! It’s some distance from the town, too, so there’s little evening entertainment – but there are classes in ice skating, snowboarding and swimming.

B - Nansville

This ski centre offers separate classes for teenagers and children, and has instructors trained to ski cross-country with groups – apart from beginners! Several hotels offer good cooking and indoor pools, and there’s also a skateboard park and children’s zoo. Under-18s must be accompanied on lifts, which are sometimes crowded.

C - Chambrix

Learn to ski for the first time – and make fast progress at any level. Young people’s group lessons are for mixed ages, and there are low-cost one-to-one lessons too. When skiing’s finished, there are great restaurants, and a multi-screen movie theatre! Apart from these, the centre’s rather quiet, and some distance from town.

D - St Barone

The hotels in this quiet centre have ski lifts right outside, so no problems getting to the slopes – and no queues! The centre has good classes for teenagers to ski together, up to intermediate level, although one-to-one lessons are costly. For the evenings there are fantastic restaurants and a great cinema.

E - Zeelunds

The hotels here have lifts that quickly take you to the slopes. There are group classes for teenagers, although slopes are not challenging enough for advanced skiers. Transport to the town can be difficult, but try the activities on offer in the centre – skateboarding, swimming, cinema or ice skating.

F - Palenta

This busy centre is close to town, with its cinemas, shops and internet cafés. Younger skiers are taught in groups of any age up to intermediate level, so teenage family members can ski together. And there’s a minibus to collect young skiers from hotels and take them safely to ski lessons without mum or dad!

G - Davrano

This small centre’s great for all serious skiers. There are also experienced guides who’ll take groups or individuals off the marked slopes to ski through the mountains – if your skiing’s good enough! Or why not try the centre’s wildlife-watching trips? The centre’s also well known for its fantastic restaurants, but there’s little other entertainment.

H - Morland

Adults, teenagers and young children have their own groups or one-to-one classes here whatever their level, although parents must accompany under-18s – go early to avoid crowds! There’s instruction in snowboarding and skating, too. And in the evenings take a horse-riding trip through the snow!


Listening forces automatic learning and leads to general language acquisition.


Writing ideas down preserves them so that you can reflect upon them later.


Reading is the best way to learn and remember the proper spelling of words.


Speaking provides the ability to engage others in social circles

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