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Creative Story Writing

Have a read of some of our student's creative story writing. Students thinking outside the box.

The Fake Rainbow – By Francesco C

Once my grandpa lived in a house on a rainbow. He never wore shoes. He always walked with his big bare feet. One day he exited from his house with his shoes and died.

The Shooting Star – Nicole F

Last week, I went with my class to a science museum. We saw the solar system planets, and now we know which is the biggest. I saw a big shooting star. When I went home I was so happy!!!!

My Crazy Adventure – Giulio F

Yesterday I jumped from Mount Etna with my book. I read the book about snakes in the red and black kitchen. On the mountain there were trees and rocks.

Where is My Phone!? – Leonardo M

When I went to school and entered in my dirty classroom I lost my phone. I searched for it, but I wasn’t successful. It was a…mystery. I found it in my pocket.

The Lost Key – I Media Thursday 5:30

It was a dark blue night with an intense moon. The house of Snorlax was locked by the worst team in the world, “Team Rocket”. Team Rocket has lost the key in the forest. They want to open the door to take the gold that Snorlax has vomited. To find the key, Team Rocket needed a torch. They had to gamble their new axe for a torch with the “Lumber Jack Team”. They won and got the key, but when they returned, Snorlax had transformed into a giant popcorn.

The Terrible Monster – I Media Thursday 2:30

Yesterday, I went to a big castle and I saw a bigger fountain than the Trevi Fountain. On the fountain, there was the largest bridge in the world. On the bridge, I saw and then fought a terrible monster. My brother jumped from a hippo to save me, but helped the monster. He is the worst brother in the galaxy.