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Creative Writing

Here are three strange stories from our students. Don't you just love the way children think.

Paradise Park

Once upon a time, there was a turtle who was the king of a beach at paradise park in Hawaii. To enter into the park you must use your identification. An elephant tried to enter into the park but he didn’t have one so the security guards threw him out. The next morning, at sunrise, the turtle king closed the paradise beach with a big titanium lock. There is a legend that says whoever tries to enter inside the park will be captured because there is a scull who captures life in the park. If the skull is disturbed it or something will capture you. However, if you have a dog as a pet you will be accepted as a guest, you will not be harmed. Some non dog owners have tried to get inside the park with no success. They have tried by parachute, digging an underground hole and pretending to have a fake pet dog. The most recent person captured was the lady who had a pet cat and not a pet dog.

Written by, Andrea M. (IIIM)

The Beautiful Dream

One dark night a tall boy named Squirrel went to bed because he was tired. He dreamt about a treasure map. The map was the oldest map in the world. He saw that the treasure was in the Antarctic Ocean. He drove a yellow submarine to find the treasure. He saw a cave bigger than a whale. He opened the cave’s door with a golden key. In the cave he saw a monster named Gloom. He was slimy and horrible.  Behind the monster there was a gem. “The treasure.” He fought the monster and the monster vanished. He took the gem and saved the world. He woke up, and it was morning.

Written by, Tommaso S. and Riccardo R. (IM)

The Key

Once upon a time in a city there was an alien and one monster. They lived in a house with a gate. The owner of the gate and the arrow threw the arrow at the monster and the alien. When the alien ate an apple he went bigger. A bee got on the apple, and the alien died because it was a poison bee. With the apple the monster created a key and opened the door, but the monster had some kind of prison in there. With the magnet the the owner got to the monster, and then the monster died because they fought each other. Then in the sky opened a rainbow. The end.

Written by, Vincenzo M. (IVE)