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Happy New Year!

The celebration that happens all over the world with many different customs and traditions.

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve/Day is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world with many different customs and traditions.

New Year’s Day is actually the world’s oldest holiday! It was first celebrated by the Babylonians on 23rd of March, 2000 BC. They choose March as the beginning of the New Year because it coincided with the beginning of spring and the planting of new crops.

This tradition was also carried on by the Ancient Romans in the years that followed, but eventually the date was changed to 1st of January. This change happened because of the development of the Julian calendar, by the emperor Julius Caesar. According to this calendar, every New Year began on the 1st of January.

January was placed at the beginning of the yearly calendar because it was named for the mythical god, Janus. Janus was the two-faced god; one face looked forward into the future, and the other looked back to the past. Therefore, Janus was the natural god to oversee the New Year.

Every country has their own special traditions that on New Year’s Eve help bring good luck for the year ahead! Here are some interesting ones from around the World:

Spain: Eating 12 grapes at midnight. Each grape signifies a month in the coming year!

Colombia: Running around the block with an empty suitcase! This is to bring good fortune for travelling.

Greece: Baking a loaf of bread with a coin inside. If the third slice of bread has the coin, spring will come early that year.

USA: Kissing at midnight to drive away evil spirits!

Japan: Decorating houses with pine branches for longevity, a bamboo stalk for prosperity and a plum blossom for nobility.

So next year, if you want change from Italy’s tradition of wearing red underwear and eating lentils at midnight, you can adopt a tradition from another country!

New Year, New Resolution

What is a resolution, and where and why did it begin?

Hi everyone,

The New Year has begun, did you make any resolutions? In many western cultures making New Year’s resolutions is a long running tradition.

What is a resolution? It is simply a decision to make a change. This could be by doing something (eg. To start playing football) OR by not doing something (eg. To stop drinking coca-cola).

But where did it all begin?

Actually, resolutions are as old as the New Year tradition itself! So, just like the ancient Babylonians started the celebration of the New Year 4,000 years ago, they also started resolutions.

Ancient resolutions were a little different from our modern ones though. The Babylonians would make promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans carried on this tradition by making promises to the god Janus.

In modern times resolutions became less about making promises to God, and more about making promises to ourselves.

So, what are the most common resolutions that people make?

Hi everyone,

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