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Interesting facts about Christmas

Christmas is only a few days away now; so let’s learn a few interesting facts about Christmas

1.    Santa Claus was real! Well…. Almost!

Most of you know that in English there are many names for Santa Claus; Father Christmas, St Nick etc.  Well, Saint Nicholas was actually a real man who lived in Turkey in the year 270. He used to give gifts, sweets and money to poor children. At night, Saint Nicholas would leave these gifts in the children’s shoes, which were kept on their doorstep.

2. ‘Coca-Cola’ is responsible for Santa’s red suit

When Santa was first illustrated, he didn’t always wear red! He was drawn wearing many different colours; including green, purple, blue, and brown. In 1931, Coca-Cola began a huge advertising campaign involving Santa, and the artist responsible chose the colour red for his suit. After that, he never wore another colour!

3.    What happens to the letters that children write to Santa?

Do they just get thrown away? Or do they sit in a post office somewhere gathering dust? In many countries, children are encouraged to write to Santa at the North Pole. These letters don’t travel the North Pole though, the post offices have special Santa departments that have a team of people dedicated to answering these letters.

4.    Santa’s reindeer are actually all female!

Even though the reindeer have male sounding names (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph), male reindeer actually shed their antlers in winter. You will notice that the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh have antlers, therefore they must be all female!

5.    You can eat a Christmas Tree

Yes, you read that correctly! Parts of the Christmas tree can be nutritious. They are even a source of vitamin C. No need to buy oranges this Christmas, you can just snack on your tree! Some people even make tea from pine needles. But in one restaurant in Copenhagen, Christmas trees are even a specialty; for 150 euro per person! Maybe it’s cheaper to buy oranges after all!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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