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Welcome To Creative English

The advantages of learning a second language like English.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Creative English Blog, where we’ll be exploring the quirks and the complexities of the English language. But before we jump into the weird and wonderful world of English, let’s briefly explore the benefits of learning a second language.

Most of us already know why learning English is advantageous; it’s an international language and can open up a world of opportunity. However, did you know that learning a second language makes you smarter?

That’s right, smarter. It has been proven that speaking a second language improves your brain functionality. If that isn’t reason enough, language learning also builds multitasking skills, helps fight off Alzheimer’s and dementia, increases your perception, and improves your memory and decision making skills.

So, now you have a few good reasons to start feeling superior to your monolingual friends, or perhaps a few good reasons to encourage them to start learning English!

In fact, the sooner you start learning a new language, the better. Younger learners are better at mimicking new sounds and picking up pronunciation; their brains are more open to new sounds and patterns. Children also have the opportunity to learn a new language in an informal setting, without becoming too self-conscious or embarrassed.

However, don’t despair if you are thinking of taking up a second language as an adult! It’s never too late to begin. If I can start learning Italian from scratch at age 30, then there’s hope for everyone!

Happy learning! Don’t you feel smarter already?