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Enjoy our very first Creative Blog. This is the first of many and trust us when we say that the best is yet to come.

Rudolph The Christmas Pig

Creative Writing

Long, long ago in a land far away…
There was a little “Christmas Pig” skating on a frozen lake.
Then all of the sudden, the ice started to break!
He fell into the water, he thought it was too late.
But then, some magical fish swam under him
and he went up to the surface though he could not swim.
When he came to the top, and looked out at the bay….
There was Santa Claus riding down on his sleigh.
He rescued the pig and saved the day.

By: Emma, Victor, Arianna

Writing Project Task

Read aloud and draw a picture for this story (written by some of our fantastic students). You can submit a photo of your drawing in the comments or a message. We will announce the winner next Monday the 18th.
Good luck!

Creative Blogger

I publish all of Creative English's students crazy, silly, fun and creative projects that you see on our blog. Enjoy.


The Different Family

Creative Flix

This musical is about two families that have many differences in the way they live. One of the families gets attack by an evil snake and everything changes from then on for both families. Enjoy!


Our News

Creative English News

Ciao a tutti!
We hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays! We are looking forward to the normal lessons starting again on Thursday the 7th. Until then enjoy this time with your families and we will see you soon!



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Student: “Me fail english? That’s unpossible!”


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