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Fifa Planet

Comparing 3 amazing players

When comparing our 3 amazing players it is extremely difficult to choose the best in the world, past and present. For me the best is Lionel  Messi because he has won every football award/trophy except for the most important ‘The Football World Cup’. Ronaldo and Pele are 2 fantasic players but Messi is much more surpirior than any player that is living or has ever lived. Now we will compare them with Fifa statistics to give them all a fair chance of being the best.

Lionel messi

Speed: 99
Shots at Goal: 98
Skills: ****
Dribbling: 99

Cristiano Ronaldo

Speed: 98
Shots at Goal: 98
Skills: *****
Dribbling: 98

Lùis Suarez

Speed: 88
Shots at Goal: 95
Skills: ****
Dribbling: 96


Interesting Facts

Here we write 3 amazing facts about each of these players

The Best

Who is it?

Messi: He has won 5 FIFA Ballon d’Or awards 3 more than Ronaldo and 5 more than Suarez. He has also scored 91 goals in a single calendar year of 2012. Finally, he has the record to score the fastest 300 goals. Which he completed in 334 matches. Amazing!

Ronaldo: He is the first player to score in every minute of a football game. Most UEFA Champions League goals scored in a calendar year: 16 goals in 2015 and he has the most goals scored in Champions League history: 89 goals. Fantastic!

Surez: He has scored the most goals in a 38 gmae league season:31 goals. Another fantastic record set by Suarez was the first BPL player to score 3 hat-tricks against the same team. Finally he was the first BPL player to score 10 goals in one month. Outstanding!