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We like fashion because it is very interesting and we are Italian girls and our culture and fashion go together very well. Our favourite types of fashion are elegant dresses, accessories that match the clothes and most importantly high heel shoes.

Fuchsia and Blue Butterfly

My dress is made from purple and fuchsia silk. It’s without sleeves and with pearls and diamonds. It has a white lace belt that is tied in a bow. Around the neck there is a lace collar and an head band accessory made from feathers.

Pink Love

I like to combine this type of dress with beautiful pink shoes, a love heart necklace, a gold band bracelet, a pink bag and love heart airings because they adapt to elegant style. Also, at the same time it will be comfortable and perfect for any occasion.

Colour Explosion

My design is fantastic because I the colours are very beautiful. It is a summer dress with a short dress and short sleeve top. It is perfect for the summer night party. But also, in the morning you can still wear it to breakfast.

New Fashion Technology

Margherita – I Like this technology because it is very innovative. It might help with our wasteful clothing production and help us with recycling clothes. You may be able to make new clothes using our old clothes.


Gea – This new way of making clothes is can be very important for the earth and our future. This printing machine and idea is great because a woman has thought of it first.


Elisa – I am very excited of this way of buying clothes because it can be very precise in what we want for our clothes. I will be great for situations in need for quick clothes.

Mens Fashion Vs Womens Fashion

Margherita – I think that women’s fashion is very beautiful because it is creative and innovative. Men’s fashion is very similar everyday for example they wear t-shirt and shorts often. Girls fashion is very difficult to combine and men’s fashion is much easier.


Gea – I prefer girls fashion because girls have a better variety and can choose from more colours than boys. Men’s fashion is very comfortable but it is not always elegant. If I was to choose between both fashions for everybody I would choose girls fashion.


Elisa – I like both fashions because they are suitable for both genders. I would rather wear women’s fashion but this is because I am a girl. However, I do like Men’s fashion because they have got a very simple style.