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What we think about telephones in the world.

Best 8 Covers


This is the coolest because it is made from red M&M’s. We love M&M’s.

Most Stupid

This is the most stupid cover because only a fool would put his fingers in the nose of the cover.

Food Cover

This is a “food” cover and we like it because it makes you want to drool. We love food.


We like this cover because glitter is a girls best friend. But not us, we are best friends.

Animal Cover

This cover is fantastic becuase the lion is the king of the covers. Don’t forget it!

Softest Cover

We love this cover the most because we love soft things. You can hug your phone even when you are in stress. Anti-stress cover.

Craziest Cover

We think this is the craziest cover but not crazier than us. We are very crazy, hahahaha.

Most Beautiful

This is the most beautiful because it is ‘Stitch’. We love phones and we love ‘Stitch’. Put them together and you get a Beautiful experience.

Useful Apps


Whatsapp is one of the most beautiful apps in the world because you can write messages to anyone in the world for free. Also, you can draw your very own emoticons and my favourite you can make a group and send images to only those people in the group.


YouTube is an amazing app. You can see almost any video you want.  You can comment on it and like it or dislike it, we usually choose like because we like YouTube videos.


Facebook is the most used app in the world. However, we do not have Facebook because is dangerous for us, our parents have told us this. You can keep in touch with your friends and people all over the world. If you want to send a message to all of your friends, you can with Facebook.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a very helpful app because you can write in  any language and in can change it into any other language that you want. We use it often. Thank you Google.


Google is an excellent app because all of your questions can be answered. It shows you more options than you need and this is very helpful because it will increase your knowledge. We really like it because it can be suitable for almost all ages. It is very safe and is always let you know about things fast.

My Security

My security is an app that makes those annoying ads disappear so your phone’s protection will improve! Which is what we would prefer. We very much suggest this for your phone experience. We like using  it very much because it is very simple to use and does what it says.

The Inventor Of The Portable Phone

Martin Cooper is an American engineer who invented the first phone in history. He was born on 1928. The first phone cost around $4,000 but in 2011 the cost came to $9,000. With the invention of the first phone he became a historian. It was definitely difficult and it was not easy to use.