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Supercell games are the most popular from all over the word and the Supercell employees earn lots of money for their games. The players of the game pay for have gems or money and we think they are stupid because they waste their money.



“Clash of Clans” is the most popular game for mobile phone. “Supercell” made this game. In this game you can build your village. The heart of the village is the town hall. You have to defend the town hall with cannons, bombs,… .You can also attack other people’s villages. If you win the attacks you get trophies.

Hay Day is a free mobile farming game developed and published by Supercell. In this game you can build your own farm. You have to farm graine and other products. You can then, sell the products of your farm. I like this game because i love country

Boom Beach is a fantastic game talk about an island you mast protect with your troups (the game give you)from the other people play.

Clash Royale is a fantastic game, it is about a group of characters from the game Clash Of Clans and they have added many more. The Big Skeleton is the strongest character. The worst character is the Witch, she is stupid because the Witch in Clash Of Cans is one of the most strongest characters.

Clans Of Clans