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The Movie world that excites all the people of the world.

The History Of Film

1st Film

This film was the first film ever made. We like the film because it is funny and different from modern films.

1st Director

This man was a pioneer. He was a very focused man and really worked hard on his films. He was very intelligent this is obvious because he was the first at something.

1st Actor

This women is very beautiful and courageous because she acted when it was more appropriate for only men to acted. She is a great role model.

1st Camera

It was a fantastic invention and had revolutionized the world.
The inventor was a very intelligent and creative man.

How To Make a Film - The Steps

Step 1 Write the story for the film and choose the characters and genre.

Step 2 Choose the locations, costumes, props, camera frames and music.

Step 3 Film the movie with the actors.

Step 4 Edit the film, mix the sound and do colour correction.

Step 5 – Watch the film with an audience.

Step 6 – Buy the film.

Our Favourite 6 Films

#1 Breakfast At Tiffany's

We like this film because is an old film and romantic, too.

#2 Star Wars

We like this film because there are a fantastic light siber and a wonderful personages.

#3 Harry Potter

We like this film because it’s a magic film with the actors very famous.

#4 World War Z

We like this film because is a zombie film.  It’s a war with zombie.

#5 Alice In Wonderland

We like this film because is a fantastic film and adventure. In this film there are fantastic animals.

#6 Belle And Sebastian

We like this film because is an adventure film. In this film there is a white dog, Belle.

Our Favourite Film Genres

1. Comedy – These films are very funny.

2. Horror – These films are very fearful.

3. Western- These films are very adventurous.

4. War – These films are very historical.

5. Romance – These films are very moving.

6. Documentary- These films are very interesting.

7. Animation – These films are very creative.

8. Adventure- These films are very courageous.

9. Science fiction – These films are very crazy.

10. Fantasy- These films are very imaginative.