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Comparing fantastic food from around the world.

Typical Dishes Around The World

Italian Food

Pasta Carbonara is a typical Italian meal, especially in Rome. There are many version to this dish but I think the best way is to not use cream for the sauce. Only use egg and parmigiano. The secret to this dish is to not cook the sauce. The pasta should cook the sauce. Enjoy!!!

Japanesse Food

This is sushi. It is a typical japanesse dish. It is very popular around the world. It is mostly rice rolled around fresh fish. I love it because I love fish and even more I love rice. Sticky rice.

Cuban Food

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Egyptian Food

This food is a typical Egyptian food. It looks like biscuits with sesame on  it. I would like to eat this because it looks very delicious. However I have never tried it before. It is on my bucket list.

Mexican Food

We normally think Mexican food is English style tortillas and Tacos with a lot of meat. However this is not completely correct. True Mexican food is the picture above. It is a very typical recipe, which we think looks horrible.

Restaurants From Around The World

Italian Restaurant

This is a typical Italian restaurant and like most Italian restaurants it’s very rustic. In this particular restaurant there are plants to help it be more natural and many tables and chairs outside so that people can enjoy the sun. We like this style of restaurant because it is very beautiful and it has a home like feel.

Japanesse Restaurant

This is a typical Japanese restaurant. In a typical Japanese restaurant there are usually very low tables and some “tatami” for the guests to sit down on. Some of use have been to a Japanese style restaurant and we loved all loved the experience. We love these types of restaurant styles because it is very beautiful and unique.

Cuban Restaurant

The typical Cuban style restaurant is very similar to an Italian restaurant because they have a very home-like feel and it is very common to sit outside and enjoy the weather. We have not been to this type of restaurant but we feel like we have.

Egyptian Food

An Egyptian typical restaurant looks very stylish and unique. The walls are decorate with fabric and patterns that resemble the art style of the Egyptian culture. It looks very organized and clean. We would love to eat here one day.

Mexican Restaurant

This is a typical Mexican restaurant. In this restaurant it looks very colourful and interesting. We are assuming that they have decorated it with the style and theme of the dessert. It looks very beautiful.