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The Dangerous Octopus

A story about an octopus that is victory in the gladiator games.

Artist - Marko Stupic

The Dangerous Octopus

Once upon a time there was a very bad octopus called ‘Boh’. He owned some special ladders that he could use to rob important places with high security. He had an evil plan to rob a secret folder from the FBI. The information inside was extremely important to him. To get this folder he needed the code. Where could he find the secret code?

One cold morning he woke up and saw a number on his ladder. He went to look at it. It was the secret code for the folder from the FBI. That night he decided to break into the FBI headquarters. He got pass all of the guards and was confronted with the vault were he needed the code. He started entering the code. When he pressed the last number the alarm goes off. Every Agent in the headquarters was surrounding him.

One of the agents yells “we will let you go if you win our gladiator game”. Before he started they gave him a gladiator hat, sword and a shield. He accepted the challenge because he didn’t want to go back to the underwater prison.

He fought versus 10 agents in a crazy battle in the deadly arena. They were coming from every direction. However with his many arms he was able to fight them all off. He was victorious and the award was the folder in the vault which contained his family tree. Where he is from and who his family is. This was very important to him.

Wrtitten by – Andrea M & Edoardo G (IIIM)