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The Lucky Escape Series

The Lucky Escapse Series highlights creative writing work by Media-level students.

Artist - Patrick Allison

El Gringo Imbustado

“El gringo imbustado” was a gangster who lives in chicago. He kills a lot of pepole not because they did something wrong but just because he liked killing. One day the police caught him and sent him to alkatraz. Gringo imbustado has a lot of evil pepole that want to help him escape prison. So two of this friends stole an helicopter and crashed into the wall of alkatraz. So another two guys, with a boat, can get into the prison. The guards were confused by the helicopter crashing, they didn’t see the other two guys that helped El gringo to escape. Today the police still haven’t caught El gringo imbustado.

Wrtitten by – Matteo B (IIIM)

The Escape

One day, Matteo was drinking a coffee in a coffee bar when a lot of police cars arrived. They stopped in front of the coffee bar, and when Matteo saw them, he started to run. He knew it was impossible, but he continued to run, and he went into a library. The policeman didn’t see him, but there were already a lot of police cars in that zone to search for him. In the library, no one knew that he was a criminal. After, he called a taxi that brought him to the airport, and he went to New York.

Wrtitten by – Flavio C (IIIM)

Artist - Makers Company
Artist - George Bokhua

Monkey Buisness

I was drinking a coffee when I heard the police siren.

“Oh know! They know that I’m the criminal!”

I quickly paid for the coffee, and I started to run. I heard somebody shouting, “Stop now, or we’ll shoot you!”

I had a fantastic idea: I had to run towards the zoo and enter into the monkey’s cage. There, the police couldn’t find me. I did it, and the cops didn’t discover me.

Wrtitten by – Paolo C (IIIM)

Into the Fog

We were in a coffee bar. When the clock was at 10, we left the bar. At the bank… We were on the last floor, the floor with the money. One guard asked us, “Can I help you?”

I answered, “Maybe you need something.”

He said, “I don’t understand!”

I answered, “You need my punch,” and I smashed him.

After, we quickly ran to take the money. We returned downstairs, and ran out. Outside, the weather was foggy. The fog was perfect for running away: we had the money!

Wrtitten by – Giacomo B (IIIM)

Artist - Sandor
Artist - Makers Company

Mission Gone Wrong

I was in a restaurant for a mission. I had to take some money for the “Bellincamdi gang.” I ate some meat, but later, I went to the chef and took a lot of money. I ran, but the police were in a car and it was faster than me. In the police car, there were some men with two guns. I was frightened, because I could die in two seconds. I arrived home (it was near the restaurant,) before the police car, but one year later, I went to prison.

Wrtitten by – Andrea M (IIIM)