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The Postman

Here is a story about a mysterious postman and his mail. Where did he come from?

The Postman

Once upon time there was a guy with some strange glasses that lived in a blue house near an old bridge. one day he received a blue letter but the ink was blue and he couldn’t read it. So he tried to catch the postman that had brought him the blue letter but he couldn’t find him. Later that day he returned to his big old blue house and he discovered that he had a flight to catch to japan, so he went to the airport very quickly. When he arrived he didn’t know why he was going to Japan in the first place so he asked information about where he could find a cheap hotel. He found a hotel in a beautiful old temple but he didn’t know where he was so he asked for a map at the reception and he discovered that the receptionist was the postman that had given him the envelope with the blue writing.

Written by, Matteo B. (IIIM)